ENABLE Search, inspection and surveillance missions in rough waters

ENABLE Search, inspection and surveillance missions in rough waters

Streamline Underwater Work

We revolutionize underwater operations while mitigating the inherent risks faced by divers. Our field-proven solution addresses the critical challenges posed by strong currents and limited visibility, allowing for safer and more efficient underwater operations. 

Our compact underwater drone is capable of terrain-aware autonomy in rough waters. This empowers our customers to adopt new workflows and streamline search and inspection tasks.

Our solution is based on 4 aspects: 


DEPLOYABLE IN ROUGH WATERS Enter any water, regardless of currents up to 2 m/s

zerovisibility 1

AUTONOMOUS MAPPING Allow zero visibility mapping at high resolution [cm]


COST EFFICIENCY Operate at up to 10% of the today's cost


100% SAFE Exceed human barriers such as depth and limited dive-time


Fields of Application

Due to human limitations, robotic solutions are gaining traction by overcoming barriers in the areas of search & recovery as well as inspection & surveillance – a perfect opportunity for Tethys Robotics.

SEARCH & RECOVERY Dangerous jobs: Professional divers working in search & recovery risk their life in hazardous situations, especially in turbid rivers and tidal currents, when searching for missing people or lethal objects such as ammunition.

INSPECTION & SURVEILLANCE Today's problem: The assessment of underwater structures is done with costly and large sized equipment incl. polluting vessels during deployment, and yet the data suffers from poor quality and is often inconsistent due to manual data collection.

Video published by ETH Zurich www.ethz.ch

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