Our mission for 2019

We are competing in the 2019 international MATE ROV competition as the first Swiss team ever.

Every year, the MATE international ROV competition takes place in the US and is an opportunity for students to apply their skills and knowledge in a practical way and get in touch with members of the subsea industry. It is organized by the Institute for Marine Advanced Technology Education. The goal of the competition is to build a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that can accomplish a series of given tasks as efficiently as possible.

The topic of this year’s competition is the application of ROVs for inspection and maintenance of hydro dams, preservation of aquatic habitats and the recovery of cultural artifacts from lakes. It takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2019 in Kingsport Tennessee.

For our team, this is the perfect topic, since many of the challenges that are covered in the competition are of importance for subsea work in Switzerland. With numerous lakes, rivers and hydro dams, the landscape of Switzerland requires and provides a lot of room for innovations in subsea technology.

Following, you can find a more detailed description of the tasks that our vehicle needs to accomplish. To keep the complexity of the competition reasonable, all these tasks are conducted in a model environment in a pool.

Dam inspection
Inspection of Hydrodams
  • Inspecting a dam for cracks and damage
  • Measure cracks and map the position
  • Insert grout at dam foot
  • Inspect and repair damaged trash rack
Maintaining healthy waterways
Maintaining Healthy Waterways
  • Realease trout fry
  • Identify and measure aquatic species
  • Collect degraded rubber tires from lake bottom
  • Collect environmental data during the dive
Micro ROV
Drainpipe Inspection
  • Inspect areas of muddy water flow with a secondary micro ROV
Recovering cultural artifacts
Preserving Cultural Artifacts
  • Retrieve a civil war era cannon from the lake bottom
  • Map and record position of the cannon