Meet the team

Our Team Members:

Andrej Studer
Mechanical Engineer
Bastian Schildknecht
Computer Scientist
Christian Engler
Mechanical Engineer
Gallus Kaufmann
Electrical Engineer
Jonas Wüst
Mechanical Engineer
Jonathan Ehrat
Computer Scientist
Mathis Först
Computer Scientist
Peter Zhang
Mechanical Engineer
Pragash Sivananthaguru
Biomedical Engineer
Stefano Marti
Electrical Engineer

Our Advisors:

Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart
Enabled the development of the project at ASL, ETH Zürich

Dr. Nicholas Lawrence
Advisor for position estimation and oriented UUV designs.

Dr. Jens Honore Walther
Advisor in CFD Simulations and design of streamlined bodies

Dr. Mattia Guacci
Advisor for power electronics

Weixuan Zhang
Advisor for attitude control designs

Yvain de Viragh
Advisor for omnidirectional control and its implementation in the system.

Christian Lanegger
Advisor for design of UUV