Our Team Members

Jonas Wüst
Project Lead | Robotics Engineer
Pragash Sivananthaguru
Project Lead | Electrical Engineer
Andrej Studer
UUV Pilot | Robotics Engineer
Johannes Lienhart
Mechanical Lead | Robotics Engineer
Gallus Kaufmann
Electrical Engineer
Bastian Schildknecht
Software Lead
Dominik Rodriguez
Legal Advisor
Stefano Marti
Electrical Engineer
Christian Engler
Mechanical Engineer
Ramon Räbel
Business Development

Running Projects

Wenqi Zhou
MPC for System Control
Florin Kümin
Topology Mapping
Dimitri Jacquemont
RnD on Speed Controllers



Christina Graf
Energy Generation in High Current Environments
Jonathan Ehrat
Sonar Driver
Mathis Först
Computer Vision and Low-Latency Streams
Peter Zhang
Control of an Underwater Arm
Jeygopi Panisilvam
Autoencoder for Sonar Simulation


Our Advisors:

Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart
Head of Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zürich

Kim Rindlisbacher
Former EOD Diver and Expert in Underwater Applications

Paola Ghillani
Advisor for Business Strategy and Management

Dr. Nicholas Lawrence
Advisor for Robotics and Underwater Technologies

Dr. Jens Honore Walther
Advisor in CFD Simulations and Streamlined Body Design

Dr. Mattia Guacci
Advisor for Power Electronics

Dr. Weixuan Zhang
Advisor for Control Systems and Sensor Optimization

Yvain de Viragh
Advisor for Control Systems

Christian Lanegger
Advisor for UUV Design, Sensor Optimization and Computer Vision

Dr. Rik Bähnemann
Advisor for Sensor Fusion and Factor Graph Optimization