Proteus, named after the Greek sea-god or god of rivers and oceanic bodies, is the first completely self-developed robotics system of Tethys Robotics. The applications are particularly research and development of underwater technology. For this reason, the system is highly modular and resemblances a more classical approach of a UUV design. Furthermore, the system software is based on a updated version of SCUBO 2.0. A major innovation is that Proteus communicates via a thin fibre optic cable with the control station on shore.

The system is powered by on board rechargeable batteries which allow an operation of at least 4 hours. Although the thruster configuration is not as symmetric as the one of SCUBO 2.0, the system is still omnidirectional and has a similar controller. To navigate the UUV, the robot is equipped with a stereo camera, depth sensor, IMU, SBL and sonar.

The separate tube enclosure for the electronics and batteries ensure the modularity of the system and a depth rate of 300 m which is enough to explore all Swiss lakes. The sensors can be easily exchanged and any other type of sensors can be added without big changes in the design.