Proteus – Prototype V1

Proteus, named after the Greek sea-god or god of rivers and oceanic bodies, is the first application oriented robotics system of Tethys Robotics. The fields of application of our underwater drone prototype range from search & recovery to inspection & surveillance in all waters.

Proteus can enter any water, regardless of strong currents:

  • Speed: up to 2 m/s (depending on configuration)
  • Depth rating: 300m+ (expandable)
  • Runtime: 4h+ (expandable)

Tethys Robotics allows zero visibility mapping at high resolution:

  • AI-powered perception
  • Live topography mapping
  • Target-localization on cm-level

This enables Proteus to locate and control its position by itself even under turbulent conditions with zero visibility and allows intuitive robot-assisted operations for all users.

Moreover, Proteus supports several sensors and add-ons that make it possible to collect any kind of data.