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Osiris is a conceptual design of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) optimised for high current environments. The main goal for the development of this robot is to be operational in fast flowing waters, ensuring a high degree of robustness in spite of the rough environmental conditions in a river.

Since especially rivers entail often unpredictable risks of danger, an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) optimised for high currents can offer the possibility of fulfilling various tasks without putting divers in danger. In search and recovery missions, these robots could support rescue divers in situations beyond the capability of the human body, facing cold temperatures, high turbulence as well as long dive durations and thus reducing the numerous risks for the people at work.

Like all other robots developed by Tethys Robotics, Osiris is omnidirectional manoeuvrable what enables the robot to fulfill various tasks in different circumstances. Eight side thrusters stablize the robot around all rotational axes, while the two main thrusters will produce enough thrust force to drive against the current. 

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