About Tethys

Tethys Robotics wants to be a platform for students interested in underwater technology and exploration. By conducting projects and participating in competitions in the field, we want to bring together people from different areas and join our skills to develop technical solutions for technical challenges under water.

Several years ago some of our team members decided to build an underwater vehicle (ROV) to explore the local lakes here in Switzerland. This was the start of an awesome underwater adventure and sparked our fascination for the underwater world! While the first versions of our ROVs were rather crude and mostly held together by tons of duct tape, they became more advanced and reliable over the years. And after many underwater adventures, we decided to turn this into something that more people can enjoy and be a part of.

This is why in August 2018 we founded Tethys Robotics. Named after the Greek goddess of the deep sea and the last ocean Switzerland had a coastline to we want to share the thrill of underwater exploration and be a platform for students interested in underwater technology.

Currently, we are an interdisciplinary Team of eight students from ETH Zürich passionate about underwater exploration and technology. As our first project, we decided to take part in the 2019 MATE international ROV competition in the USA, one of the largest competitions for underwater vehicles. To read more about this endeavor head over to the mission tab.

The Team with a big ROV
Our Team visiting Hydro Exploitation in Martigny